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The Bright Programme is a Team of Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists who work with the students and staff at The Trinity Comprehensive School in Ballymun, Dublin 9.

What’s different about THE BRIGHT PROGRAMME?

The Bright Programme is a unique service within the Post-Primary School Community in Ireland. It is the most advanced holistic psychological service of any Post-Primary school in the country as it incorporates the following initiatives:

  • Identifies the Psychological Needs of the Whole School Community.
  • Creates the services required to meet those needs.
  • Trains the relevant staff on addressing the needs.
  • Provides psychological support to the students and staff.
  • Identifies, develops and delivers Group based interventions – such as anger management, confidence building skills and emotional management.
  • Carries out the Clinical Assessment of the individual students which allows them to access the educational and psychological supports necessary through the department of education.
  • Advises management on best practice around crises intervention, care team management and student welfare procedures.
  • Builds self-esteem, communication, relationship and team-work skills to the whole school community.
  • Support staff in reflecting on their work through support and training.
  • Assist with school systems and policies to promote the primary task of learning within the school.
  • Support students during vulnerable transition periods within the school system.
  • Encourage students to identify, understand and take control of their educational opportunities and behavioural responsibilities .
  • Help students to make sense of and name their feelings and experiences.
  • To understand the psychological importance of adolescence.
  • Expose students to different learning experiences, including learning experientially, which will help them to be more effective, confident and motivated in their personal learning.

Bright Programme Board Members

Fiona Gallagher

Susan Kilpatrick

Patricia Flynn

Bright Programme Staff Members

Fiona Gilgunn Masterson (MIACP)

Michael Ryan (MIACP)

Gerard Lee (BAAT, IACAT, HCPC)

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