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Who We Work With

Who we work with

  1. The Students of The Trinity Comprehensive School Ballymun
  2. The Staff of the School
  3. In-House Care Team
  4. We link with the Parents of the Students
  5. The wider Ballymun Community on certain initiatives
  6. The Child and adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS)
  7. HSE – Primary Care Team / Social Workers / Child Protection
  8. Gardai
  9. Local Youth Services
  10. Local Mental Health Services



  • To work with staff and students within the school environment in a safe, respectful and flexible way that appropriately meets the unique needs of each individual and group.
  • To foster a sense of self-esteem through education, exploration and creativity.
  • To build resilience by empowering the people we work with to understand their emotional world and the impact this has on themselves and others. This allows greater capacity and space for a broader learning environment where young people can not only reach their potential better but allow others to reach theirs also.
  • To create an internal space that allows for resourcefulness, creativity, empathy and learning. By embedding the programme within the school curriculum we can access and provide our service to students and staff in a safe and containing way.
  • Provide the space so that students and staff can fully own their achievements through the programme and can take them on throughout their lives.
  • To build self-esteem, communication, relationship and team-work skills.
  • To support staff in reflecting on their work through support and training.
  • To assist with school systems and policies to promote the primary task of learning within the school.
  • To support students during vulnerable transition periods within the school system.
  • Encourage students to identify, understand and take control of their learning.
  • To help students to make sense of and name their feelings and experiences.
  • To help students and staff to understand the psychological importance of adolescence.
  • To expose students to different learning experiences, including learning experientially, which will help them to be more effective, confident and motivated in their personal learning.


The Bright Programmes main objective is to enhance and strengthen the emotional world of both the students and staff in Trinity Comprehensive School, Ballymun, Dublin 9.